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Aerodynamic effects on the accuracy of an end-over-end kick of an American football

Authors: W. M. Lee, A. P. Mazzoleni, M. A. Zikry,

Publish Date: 2013/02/13
Volume: 16, Issue:2, Pages: 99-113
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The effects of initial conditions on the flight of an American football kicked in an end-over-end manner were investigated using a dynamic simulation employing the quaternion method. The effects of initial tilt and spin about the longitudinal axis of the ball were considered. For the most accurate kick, our simulations show that the ball should be vertical leaving the kicker’s foot, and have no angular velocity about the longitudinal axis of the ball. A case study was performed for which experimental data were available, showing the trends of the flight of the ball captured in our simulations in actual game situations.



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