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Title of Journal: Int J Euro-Mediter Stud

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Abbravation: International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies

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Social Development Through Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Responsibility: The Case of Lesvos in Greece

Authors: Nikolaos Bloskas, Archontoula Chatzi, Eleftheria Spandonidou,

Publish Date: 2013/02/19
Volume: 5, Issue:2, Pages: 133-145
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) origins are traceable back to concepts such as Green Economy, Sustainable Development, etc. These terms do not differ conceptually from each other, but remain consistent throughout their usage in alternative socio-economic discourse grounded on the same principles. CSR measures the social responsibility of entrepreneurs, linking them with various criteria (social, environmental, etc.). This is in the light of the importance given to entrepreneurial activity in the development process. In effect, CSR has already been established and implemented in practice by various Entrepreneurs and is promoted by global organizations such as the E.U. However, in Greece CSR is not well established, compared with other European countries. The point of interest is to see is how these developmental concepts of social responsibility are being applied in Lesvos. In order to find out about all these, a qualitative research will be conducted via the purposive sampling method, consisting of 5 semi-structured interviews.



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