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Abbravation: Journal of Nanoparticle Research

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Springer Netherlands

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Synthesis of hybrid nano- and microsized particles on the base of colloid silica and thiacalix[4]arene derivatives

Authors: Ivan I. Stoikov, Alena A. Vavilova, Renata D. Badaeva, Vladimir V. Gorbachuk, Vladimir G. Evtugyn, Ruzal R. Sitdikov, Luidmila S. Yakimova, Ilya Zharov,

Publish Date: 2013/04/07
Volume: 15, Issue:5, Pages: 1617-
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Two approaches to controlled synthesis of the organo-inorganic materials obtained by one- and two-stage surface modification of nanosized silica particles by p-tert-butyl thiacalix[4]arene derivatives have been developed and compared. The possibility of the synthesis of the mono- or low-disperse hybrid organo-inorganic particles with hydrodynamic diameter varying in the range of 23.92–137.1 nm depending on stereoisomer and reaction mixture dilution was shown via surface modification of the silica particles. The direct acylation of aminated silica leads to covalent macrocycle-silica hybrid clusters of micron size. The grafting reaction was confirmed by IR-, UV-spectroscopies, dynamic light scattering and thermal analysis.



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