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Fins, Fossils and Fingers

Authors: Göran Lundborg,

Publish Date: 2014
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 1-5
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Three hundred and seventy-five million years ago, many different types of big fish lived in the sea. Gradually, some of them began approaching shallow water close to land. It became advantageous for these fishes to be able to support themselves on the seabed with their fins so they could raise their heads above the water’s surface in an amphibian-like way. In this transitional phase between life in the water and life on land, the fins of some fish species showed an obvious development towards an arm and a hand. The Tiktaalik, discovered on Ellesmere Island in northern Canada and dating back to about 375 million years ago, has been regarded as a missing link between fish and land animals, showing a first hint of a human hand in its fin.



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