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An Assessment of Conflicting Intentions in the Use of Multipurpose Water Reservoirs

Authors: José Roberto Ribas,

Publish Date: 2014/06/25
Volume: 28, Issue:12, Pages: 3989-4000
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This study describes the combination of qualitative methods and a MCDA technique, to rank a set of alternatives for the water use of Corumba IV reservoir, a multipurpose water resource located in the center-east of Brazil. The model specification presented in this paper was set up with six relevant benefits to the ecosystem and five water uses, identified through an in-depth interview with stakeholders. The relative importance of the benefits and the performance of water uses were measured by the Saaty nine-point scale. The imprecision of subjective judgment was partially compensated by using a fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FAHP). These groups include the Corumba IV power plant staff, in charge of an environmental mitigation program, federal government officials in charge of formulating and enforcing policies, community leaders and municipal authorities. The hierarchies of the set of benefits for these groups show evidence of convergence; however, statistical tests suggest the existence of conflicts among them regarding their preference for water use. This study clarifies the extent of such perceptions, making it possible to adopt better public policies practices for water management.



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