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Failure modes for total ankle arthroplasty: a statistical analysis of the Norwegian Arthroplasty Register

Authors: Patrick Sadoghi, Grant Roush, Norbert Kastner, Andreas Leithner, Christof Sommitsch, Tarun Goswami,

Publish Date: 2014/08/01
Volume: 134, Issue:10, Pages: 1361-1368
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It is imperative to understand the most common failure modes of total ankle arthroplasty (TAA) to appropriately allocate the resources, healthcare costs, enhancing surgical treatment methods, and improve design and longevity of the implant. The objective of this study was to investigate the primary mode or modes of failure (Loose talar component, loose tibial component, dislocation, instability, misalignment, deep infection, Fracture (near implant), Pain, defect polyethylene (PE), other, and missing information) of TAA implants, so these failure mode/modes can be targeted for future improvement.The Norwegian Total Hip Arthroplasty Register 2008 was chosen as the primary source of data since the register have been in existence for 20 years and also gives more specific failure modes than other registries. Tukey–Kramer method was applied to Norwegian Arthroplasty Register.After the application of the Tukey–Kramer method, it is evident that there is no significant difference between any of the failure modes that are pertinent to the ankle. However, there is significant evidence that the number of ankle arthroplasties are increasing with time.Since there is no statistical evidence showing which failure mode contributes most to revision surgeries, it is concluded that more information/data is needed to further investigate failure modes in ankle arthroplasties. Since the numbers of such surgeries are increasing, sufficient data should become available in time.



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