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Integral equation of relationship on the apparent conductivity and true conductivity in induction logging

Authors: JianHao Li,

Publish Date: 2014/01/27
Volume: 57, Issue:8, Pages: 1972-1978
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This paper investigates the relation between the induced electromotive force measured by induction logging tool and the apparent conductivity, and the relation between the apparent conductivity and the formation true conductivity. Assuming the conductivity in Green’s function to be the function of the field point coordinate, the apparent conductivity expression of electric-field intensity is derived using Green’s formula, and the integral equation has been established representing the relationship of the apparent conductivity with the true conductivity under this condition. The integral equation is analyzed and then leads to the conclusion that the equivalent conductivity is the apparent conductivity and the values of the apparent conductivity function contain the true conductivity, and the method derived the true conductivity from the apparent conductivity around the well axis is put forward. The validity of the approach given in this paper is verified through numerical calculation. On the basis of above means, the transmitter coil produces an electric-field distribution in formation at every point where the induction logging tool moves along a wellbore, and a number of the receiving coils obtain an apparent conductivity distribution; this is what induction electric-field logging is.



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