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Characterization of Bacterial Communities in Sediments Receiving Various Wastewater Effluents with High-Throughput Sequencing Analysis

Authors: Xiao-Ming Lu, Peng-Zhen Lu,

Publish Date: 2014/01/30
Volume: 67, Issue:3, Pages: 612-623
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454 Pyrosequencing was applied to examine bacterial communities in sediment samples collected from a river receiving effluent discharge from rural domestic sewage (RDS) and various factories, including a tannery (TNS), clothing plant (CTS), and button factory (BTS), respectively. For each sample, 4,510 effective sequences were selected and utilized to do the bacterial diversity and abundance analysis, respectively. In total, 1,288, 2,036, 1,800, and 2,150 operational taxonomic units were obtained at 3 % distance cutoff in TNS, CTS, BTS, and RDS, respectively. Bacterial phylotype richness in RDS was higher than the other samples, and TNS had the least richness. The most predominant class in the TNS, CTS, and BTS samples is Betaproteobacteria. Cyanobacteria (no_rank) is the most predominant one in the RDS sample. Circa 31 % sequences in TNS were affiliated with the Rhodocyclales order. In the four samples, Aeromonas, Arcobacter, Clostridium, Legionella, Leptospira, Mycobacterium, Pseudomonas, and Treponema genera containing pathogenic bacteria were detected. Characterization of bacterial communities in sediments from various downstream branches indicated that distinct wastewater effluents have similar potential to reduce the natural variability in river ecosystems and contribute to the river biotic homogenization.This work was supported by the Science and Technology Innovation Project of Wenzhou City (No. C2012005-03), the Foundation of Zhejiang Educational Committee (No. Y201224611), the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (No. 2013 M541647), and the Jiangsu Planned Projects for Postdoctoral Research Funds (No. 1302130C).



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