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Research on Multi Satellite Failure Detection and Recognition Method of Satellite Navigation RAIM

Authors: Zhixin Deng, Jun Li, Mengjiang Liu,

Publish Date: 2015
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 77-89
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Satellite Navigation Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) is developed for detection and recognition of satellite faults using the redundant observation values of receiver itself. This article first makes a comparative analysis to the conventional and recently proposed RAIM fault detection and identification methods, and then points out that the conventional fault identification methods have such weakness as low fault detection probability and high false alarm probability in the situation of simultaneous multiple faulty satellites, while the recently proposed multi-satellite fault identification methods require excessive computation work though enjoy a higher detection probability. To solve these problems, a new RAIM multiple satellite fault detection and recognition method is proposed in this paper, which is characterized by high detection probability, low false alarm probability and low computation load, practicable for project implementation. Based on a simulation analysis, it turns out that this method has a higher detection probability without false alarm at all. This method requires so low computation work that it only needs 2 m times of least squares residuals fault detection and m times of fault identification in m (m > 0) faulty satellites situation, showing a very promising application value.Funding information: This paper was funded by the Research and Development of Simulation Test System for Multi-mode Navigation Service Quality Monitoring (2012AA1218 01) project, which was among the 863 Hi-tech Projects of the 12th China National Five-Year Plan.



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