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Observations and analysis of environment and acoustic field changed by the passage of typhoon Damrey in the Yellow Sea in 2012

Authors: GuangBing Yang, LianGang Lü, YeLi Yuan, Ying Jiang, ZongWei Liu, ChunMei Yang, HongNing Liu, Zhao Chen,

Publish Date: 2015/07/04
Volume: 58, Issue:12, Pages: 2260-2270
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In order to investigate the environment and acoustic filed change induced by typhoon in shallow sea, we conducted two experiments just before and after the passage of typhoon Damrey, which is the strongest to affect the area north of the Yangtze River since 1949, in the Yellow sea in 2012. The data show that the temperature of the whole water column increases dramatically except the sea surface layer after the passage of Damrey while the salinity decreases obviously. The thermocline deepens and weakens, which leads to a change of internal wave activity. The transmission losses (TL) of the two experiments show that the environment change induced by typhoon can increase the TL as large as 8 dB at a distance of 9.2 km and depth of 15 m. The scintillation index (SI) of the sound intensity is simulated to estimate the change of the effect of internal wave activity on acoustic field showing that the SI decreases to a half after the typhoon’s passage. The normal mode structures of the two experiments are also significantly different due to the thermocline changes. In addition, the signal arrives earlier after the typhoon’s passage due to the water temperature increase.



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