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Title of Journal: Stud East Eur Thought

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Abbravation: Studies in East European Thought

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Springer Netherlands

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Authors: Vladimir N. Porus,

Publish Date: 2015/04/08
Volume: 66, Issue:3-4, Pages: 303-304
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I believe this question needs to be twofold and has to pertain to both the state of philosophical research and the state of philosophical education in present-day Russia. Our researchers have advanced far enough in their studies to be able to claim a noticeable position in world philosophy. There are two factors that hamper this—the language barrier, which makes the Russian philosophical publications less known in the West, as well as the rest of the world, and the “apprenticeship syndrome,” arguably an inversion of the dogmatic arrogance of the Soviet epoch, which is still very much present in the general attitude. The echoes of this dogmatism are still occasionally felt, but they no longer bother anyone; however, the habit of fawning before the European philosophical celebrities and catching crumbs of their intellectual feasts is still very prominent and frequently manifested.



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