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Evolution of Covered Karst Surfaces

Authors: Márton Veress,

Publish Date: 2016
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 495-518
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This chapter presents the evolution of covered karst surfaces. On karsts which develop from bare karst into covered karst, geomorphic evolution (increasing or decreasing extension of the covered karst) depends on the ratio between the inward transport of cover upon the karst and outward transport (removal of material). Here two-phase landform evolution takes place as on recent allogenic covered karst and renewed allogenic covered karst. On other types of covered karst, the cover formed independent from bare karst, and surface evolution has a single phase, such as in the case of horst covered karst, mantled allogenic covered karst, covered karst of glaciokarst and platform covered karst. Surface evolution begins with covered karst stage. In the latter group, a type (horst covered karst) also occurs where surface evolution is differentiated as a consequence of different evolution and different present elevation of karst horsts. Covered karst is continually reproduced where intensive karstification happens. Such type is tropical karst. In an overview of geomorphic evolution, the role bare karst plays in covered karst formation, the phases of bare karst development and the contribution of karstic and non-karstic landforms in landscape evolution are presented. When describing the various paths of evolution, the properties of cover rock are also taken into consideration.



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