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Double-Slit Interference Pattern for a Macroscopic Quantum System

Authors: Hamid Reza Naeij, Afshin Shafiee,

Publish Date: 2016/07/16
Volume: 46, Issue:12, Pages: 1634-1648
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In this study, we solve analytically the Schrödinger equation for a macroscopic quantum oscillator as a central system coupled to two environmental micro-oscillating particles. Then, the double-slit interference patterns are investigated in two limiting cases, considering the limits of uncertainty in the position probability distribution. Moreover, we analyze the interference patterns based on a recent proposal called stochastic electrodynamics with spin. Our results show that when the quantum character of the macro-system is decreased, the diffraction pattern becomes more similar to a classical one. We also show that, depending on the size of the slits, the predictions of quantum approach could be apparently different with those of the aforementioned stochastic description.



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