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The Korean Fiber Society

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Mechanical and thermo-mechanical analysis based numerical simulation of granite powder filled polymer composites for wind turbine blade

Authors: M. J. Pawar, Amar Patnaik, Ravindra Nagar,

Publish Date: 2016/07/31
Volume: 17, Issue:7, Pages: 1078-1089
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In present article fabrication and characterization of unfilled and granite powder filled carbon epoxy composites are reported. Addition of carbon fiber shows positive effect on mechanical performance of the composites. However, incorporation of granite powder has negative hybridizing effect on the properties such as tensile strength, flexural strength and inter-laminar shear strength. The storage modulus evaluated at 30 °C is in close agreement with flexural modulus of composites. Further, successful attempt is made for numerical simulation of actual geometry of wind turbine blade. The results obtained from numerical analysis are comparable with experimental results.



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