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Titania Nanotube Arrays (TNAs) as Support for Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) Platinum Thin Film Catalysts

Authors: Sebastian Proch, Shuhei Yoshino, Naohiko Kato, Naoko Takahashi, Yu Morimoto,

Publish Date: 2016/08/26
Volume: 7, Issue:6, Pages: 451-465
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Recently, we showed that Nb-doped bulk TiO2 electrodes can be functionalized with minute amounts of Pt via CO-terminated Pt deposition but optimization of the conductivity of these electrodes via proton intercalation did not change the catalytic activity of the Pt deposits. Here, it is shown that intercalation of H species in 0.27 wt% NH4F in glycol raises the catalytic activity of Pt deposited in a CO-terminated fashion if it is used on nanostructured (titania nanotube arrays) rather than titania bulk electrodes. Catalyst support tuning becomes feasible for nanostructures but effects of the intercalation treatment fade away within days. Moreover, catalytic activities of ultra-low Pt amounts, as determined by ICP-MS, on TNAs are very low compared to deposition on gold. This effect is attributed to high strain exerted on the Pt thin layers by the oxide support.Size Does Matter: Unlike bulk TiO2 electrodes, titania nanotube arrays (TNAs) are catalyst supports that facilitate tuning of the oxygen reduction response of sub- and monolayer amounts of Pt (from CO-terminated electrodeposition) via proton intercalation.



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