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Integrated Thermal Analysis of Piston and Block Assembly

Authors: Gudrun Kreuzwirth, Oliver Knaus,

Publish Date: 2016/10/14
Volume: 77, Issue:11, Pages: 50-54
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AVL has developed a new integrated simulation method which allows the temperature distribution in the cylinder block, pistons and piston rings to be determined more accurately than has been possible in the past. It involves combining the individual thermal conditions in an analysis of the component structures. The new method also enables the distribution of friction and of the local heat transfer processes to be taken into consideration.Due to fuel consumption reduction requirements smaller engines with higher power density are being developed. The increased effective pressure causes the gas-side heat transfer and thus the heat flows into the surrounding components grow. This means that the maximum component temperatures occurring during operation increase and come closer to the material limits. This fact causes the need for an accurate prediction of the component temperatures during engine development.



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