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Non-immersive Ultrasound Scanning and Inspection of Internal Defects Using a Water Droplet Coupling Device

Authors: Chi-Tse Kuo, Yung-Chun Lee,

Publish Date: 2016/03/28
Volume: 35, Issue:2, Pages: 27-
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This paper investigates a method for conducting conventional ultrasound image scanning (C-scan) in a non-immersive manner. An ultrasound coupling device is developed to couple a focusing ultrasound transducer with a sample under test through a water droplet. The transducer is immersed in a chamber filled with water. A hole-opening at the chamber’s bottom surface and a polymer film sealing the hole allow focused ultrasound to pass and reach the sample through a water droplet. An ultrasound scanning system is constructed and used for carrying out C-scan on two different samples containing pre-fabricated internal defects. By comparing the images obtained from using both conventional water immersion method and the proposed water-droplet coupling method, we demonstrate the feasibility and capability of this new type of non-immersive ultrasound image scanning method.



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