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Title Of PaperDOI Of PaperPublished DateJournal Of Paper
.QL: Object-Oriented Queries Made Easy   
A (Multi)Disciplined Approach: Response to the Sklare Lectur   
A (Proto) Logical Basis for the Notion of a Structured Argum   
A 1000-year chironomid-based salinity reconstruction from va   
A 100-kDa urinary protein is associated with insulin resista   
A 10-year follow-up of treatment outcomes in patients with e   
A 10-Year Outcomes Evaluation of Mucinous and Signet-Ring Ce   
A 123 of Metagenomics   
A 12-month clinical survey of incidence and outcome of acute   
A 12-month clinical survey of incidence and outcome of acute   
A 12-Year Ecological Study of Hip Fracture Rates among Older   
A 12-Year Ecological Study of Hip Fracture Rates among Older   
A 13-year clinical evaluation of two three-step etch-and-rin   
A 17-month time course study of human RNA and DNA degradatio   
A 199-line Matlab code for Pareto-optimal tracing in topolog   
A 1-V, 6-nW programmable 4th-order bandpass filter for biome   
A 2.4-GHz low power polar transmitter for wireless body area   
A 2000-year record of copper pollution in South China Sea de   
A 200-year reconstruction of Kocasu River (Sakarya River Bas   
A 2012 survey of the Australasian clinical medical physics a   
A 2200-Year Record of Permafrost Dynamics and Carbon Cycling   
A 258-year reconstruction of precipitation for southern Nort   
A 25-year record of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil   
A 2-categorial Generalization of the Concept of Institution   
A 2D percolation-based model for characterizing the piezores   
A 2-dimensional multi rigid bodies skiing model   
A 38-gene expression signature to predict metastasis risk in   
A 3-D cell culture system to study epithelia functions using   
A 3D computerized tomography study of changes in craniofacia   
A 3-D filtered-backprojection reconstruction algorithm for c   
A 3D Fractal-Based Approach towards Understanding Changes in   
A 3D Galloping Quadruped Robot   
A 3D multilayer optical network on chip based on mesh topolo   
A 3-D rectangular permeable crack or two 3-D rectangular per   
A 3D virtual environment for modeling mechanical cardiopulmo   
A 3-Month Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial of a Patient-Cen   
A 3-SPS-1S parallel robot-based laser sensing for applicatio   
A 3-year experience with laparoscopic gastric banding for ob   
A 3-year follow-up of the Silent Diabetes Study   
A 42-yr soil erosion record inferred from mineral magnetism   
A 4-tiers architecture for mobile WBAN based health remote m   
A 4-tiers architecture for mobile WBAN based health remote m   
A 4-year-old boy presenting with recurrent croup   
A 4-year-old girl with chronic nonspecific multiple ulcers o   
A 5.8-GHz Frequency Synthesizer with Dynamic Current-Matchin   
A 5000-year record of multiple highly explosive mafic erupti   
A 5-GHz highly integrated receiver front-end   
A 5-GHz highly integrated receiver front-end   
A 5-Year Hospital Prevalence of Child and Adolescent Psychia   
A 6 KBPS Regular Pulse CELP Coder for Mobile Radio Communica   
A 60-kDa protein abundant in adipocyte caveolae   
A 65nm CMOS Ramp Generator Design and its Application Toward   
A 6-Month Study Comparing Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability   
A 7,000 Year Old Story: Ceramics   
A 72-year-old man with intermittent fever, anemia and a hist   
A 76-year-old Man with a Right Lung Adenocarcinoma and Invas   
A 7T fMRI study of cerebellar activation in sequential finge   
A Background on Utilities and Maintenance Management   
A backward automatic differentiation framework for reservoir   
A bacterial artificial chromosome transgenic mouse model for   
A bacterial colony growth algorithm for mobile robot localiz   
A bacterial colony growth algorithm for mobile robot localiz   
A bag-of-semantics model for image clustering   
A Bag-of-Words Model for Cellular Image Segmentation   
A balancing scheme for QoS-aware service provisioning in OPS   
A ballooning heart-giant left ventricular apical pseudoaneur   
A bargaining game theoretic method for virtual resource allo   
A bargaining model in general equilibrium   
A Basic Model of Typed Components   
A basis for the symplectic group branching algebra   
A basis of dimension-eight operators for anomalous neutral t   
A Batch-Wise Flow Analyzer for the Determination of Chloride   
A Bayesian analysis of suicide data   
A Bayesian approach for sensitivity analysis of incomplete m   
A Bayesian approach for the estimation of patient compliance   
A Bayesian Approach to Estimating Agricultural Yield Based o   
A Bayesian approach to multi-source forest area estimation   
A Bayesian Approach to Spatial Prediction With Flexible Vari   
A bayesian functional approach to fuzzy system representatio   
A Bayesian hierarchical model for DCE-MRI to evaluate treatm   
A Bayesian Local Linear Wavelet Neural Network   
A Bayesian Stochastic Optimization Model for a Multi-Reservo   
A Bayesian study for the comparison of generalized gamma mod   
A BCI-Based Tool for Detection of Awareness and for Communic   
A beam-search-based algorithm for the tool switching problem   
A Beaufort Scale of Predictability   
A Behavioral Economic Interpretation of the Preference for F   
A behavioral perspective on social choice   
A behavioral type system and its application in Ptolemy II   
A Belief Rule Based Expert System to Assess Tuberculosis und   
A BEM based domain decomposition method for nonlinear analys   
A Benchmark for Automatic Visual Classification of Clinical   
A benchmark library and a comparison of heuristic methods fo   
A benefit incidence analysis on the far-reaching effects of   
A Benzothiazolium Salt as Chromatography Ligand for Protein   
A benzoxazine derivative specifically inhibits cell cycle pr   
A BER-Based Partitioned Model for a 2.4GHz Vehicle-to-Vehicl   
A Best-Match Forecasting Model for High-Order Fuzzy Time Ser   
A Better RGB Channel Based Image Steganography Technique   
A Better Scoring Model for De Novo Peptide Sequencing: The S   
A Better Understanding of the Factors Affecting In vitro Lip   
A BGK Model for Gas Mixtures   
A biased random-key genetic algorithm for road congestion mi   
A biased random-key genetic algorithm to maximize the number   
A Biased Vector Field Convolution External Force for Snakes   
A Bias-Variance-Complexity Trade-Off Framework for Complex S   
A Bibliographic Tribute to Jack Michael   
A bibliometric analysis of solar power research from 1991 to   
A bibliometric analysis of the development of next generatio   
A bibliometric analysis on the solid waste-related research   
A bibliometric overview of Brazilian LCA research   
A bibliometric study of SSME in information systems research   
A BiCMOS single ended multiband RF-amplifier and mixer with   
A bicriterion call center problem through an evolved branch   
A Bidding Methodology by Nash Equilibrium for Finite Generat   
A bifurcation theorem of nongradient, weakly continuous maps   
A big boy with proteinuria: answer   
A Big Picture of Integrity Verification of Big Data in Cloud   
A Bi-level Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-objective Vehicl   
A Bilevel Intelligent Optimization Model for Assembly Line S   
A Bilevel Programming Model for an Agriculture Production-Di   
A Bilinear Pseudodifferential Calculus   
A binary powering Schur algorithm for computing primary matr   
A Bio Inspired Fuzzy K-Modes Clustring Algorithm   
A bi-objective genetic algorithm for intelligent rehabilitat   
A bi-objective time-dependent vehicle routing and scheduling   
A Bio-chemo-mechanical Model for Cell Contractility, Adhesio   
A Bio-cryptosystem for Fingerprints Using Delaunay Neighbor   
A bioinformatics based approach to user authentication via k   
A Bioinformatics Procedure to Identify and Annotate Somatic   
A Bio-inspired Autonomous Navigation Controller for Differen   
A Biologically Inspired Soft Robotic Hand Using Chopsticks f   
A biologically motivated neural network for phase extraction   
A Biologically-Inspired Robust Control System for Myoelectri   
A biomechanical analysis of joint contact forces in the post   
A biomechanical analysis of the self-retaining pedicle hook   
A biomechanical model of soft tissue deformation, with appli   
A biomimetic robot for tracking specific odors in turbulent   
A Biomimetic Sensor with Signal Enhancement of Ferriferrous   
A biopotential amplifier with dynamic capacitor matching for   
A bisection algorithm for the numerical Mountain Pass   
A BIST Scheme for Non-Volatile Memories   
A bit plane architecture for an image analysis processor imp   
A Bivariate Chromatic Polynomial for Signed Graphs   
A Blending Problem in Copper Production   
A Blind Digital Image Watermarking Method Based on the Dual-   
A Blind Frequency Offset Estimator for Coherent M-PSK System   
A blind image watermarking using multiresolution visibility   
A blind medical image watermarking: DWT-SVD based robust and   
A Blind Source Separation Algorithm with Linear Prediction F   
A block approach to earliness-tardiness scheduling problems   
A block image encryption algorithm based on wave transmissio   
A Block Lanczos Algorithm for Finding Dependencies over GF(2   
A block Newton method for nonlinear eigenvalue problems   
A Block Oriented Fingerprinting Scheme in Relational Databas   
A block-based imputation approach with adaptive LD blocks fo   
A blocking-free microfluidic fluorescence heterogeneous immu   
A Blog-Centered IPTV Environment for Enhancing Contents Prov   
A Bluetooth-Based Autonomous Mining System   
A boat clock   
A Body Sensor Network Based Support System for Automated Bio   
A boosting approach for corporate failure prediction   
A bottom-up adaptation of earley's parsing algorithm   
A bouncing droplet on an inclined hydrophobic surface   
A bound on chaos   
A Bounded Search Space of Clausal Theories   
A bounding surface plasticity model for sands in an unsatura   
A bounding surface plasticity model for sands in an unsatura   
A Bowen type rigidity theorem for non-cocompact hyperbolic g   
A boy with a one-sided red rash   
A Boyer-Moore Type Algorithm for Timed Pattern Matching   
A brainstem variant of reversible posterior leukoencephalopa   
A Branch and Bound Algorithm for Max-Cut Based on Combining   
A branch and bound algorithm for numerical Max-CSP   
A branch-and-bound algorithm for the single-row equidistant   
A branch-and-bound multi-parametric programming approach for   
A Branch-and-cut Algorithm for Integer Bilevel Linear Progra   
A branch-and-price algorithm for the two-dimensional level s   
A branching particle approximation to a filtering micromovem   
A branching particle system approximation for nonlinear stoc   
A Brand Construction Strategy of Digital Cultural and Creati   
A brand new cheating attempt: a case of usurped identity   
A Braneworld Dark Energy Model with Induced Gravity and the   
A Break-Even Analysis for Dementia Care Collaboration: Partn   
A Bregman-Projected Subgradient Method for Convex Constraine   
A bridging law and its application to the analysis of toughn   
A Brief Assessment of a Dam and Its Failure Prevention   
A brief clinical case of monitoring of oxygenator performanc   
A brief history and exposition of the fundamental theory of   
A Brief History of Algebraic Topology   
A brief history of aquatic resource use in medieval Europe   
A brief history of aquatic resource use in medieval Europe   
A Brief History of Astronomical Imaging   
A Brief History of Documents and Writing Systems   
A Brief History of Freshwater Crab Research   
A Brief History of Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing F   
A Brief History of Ideas: Energy, Entropy and Evolution   
A Brief History of Imagining Life on Other Worlds   
A brief history of levodopa   
A Brief History of Quantum Mechanics   
A Brief History of Stereotactic Neurosurgery in Switzerland   
A Brief History of the Pacific Sociological Association   
A Brief History of the Parallel Dawn in Karl-Marx-Stadt/Chem   
A brief introduction of Kimiyuki Satoh   
A brief introduction to agent mining   
A Brief Introduction to Avian Influenza Virus   
A Brief Introduction to Complex Networks and Their Analysis   
A Brief Introduction to Phytoplanktons   
A brief logopedics for the data used in a Neuro-fuzzy milieu   
A Brief Look at Technology and Mental Retardation in the 21s   
A Brief Manifestation of Nanotechnology   
A Brief Review of Other Notable Protein Detection Methods on   
A brief review of structural concepts of novel supramolecula   
A Brief Study on the Theory and Application of Interactive S   
A Brief Survey of Integration   
A Brief Survey of Main Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics   
A Brief Survey on 2D and 3D Feature Extraction   
A Brief Survey on the Chaotic Systems as the Pseudo Random N   
A Brief Survey on   
A broad-band V-band power amplifier using a reduced access-r   
A broadcasting algorithm on the arrangement graph   
A broader look at ammonia production, excretion, and transpo   
A broadly applicable approach to prepare monoclonal anti-cep   
A bupropion smoking cessation clinical trial for cancer pati   
A Business Process Metadata Model for a Process Model Reposi   
A Business Process Modeling Notation Extension for Risk Hand   
A Business-Aware Web Services Transaction Model   
A Bypass Transition Model Based on the Intermittency Functio   
A Cable-Driven Parallel Mechanism for the Interaction with H   
A cable-driven robot for architectural constructions: a visu   
A Caching Model for Real-Time Databases in Mobile Ad-Hoc Net   
A cadaveric model for ligamentum teres function: a pilot stu   
A Calculation Method for Incompressible Boundary Layers with   
A calculus for higher spin interactions   
A Calculus for Trust and Reputation Systems   
A Calibrated Index of Human Development   
A Calibration Method for Removing the Effect of Infrared Cam   
A call to arms: obese men with more severe comorbid disease   
A calorimetric method for the measurement of the Stefan-Bolt   
A calorimetric study of the temperature effect on Calcium Ph   
A cancellative amenable ascending union of nonamenable semig   
A candidate male-fertility female-fertility gene tagged by t   
A candidate reference measurement procedure for Cyclosporine   
A canonical correlation analysis of the influence of social   
A capacitor-less LDO regulator with dynamic transconductance   
A capillary electrophoresis chip with hydrodynamic sample in   
A capillary electrophoresis method for the characterization   
A carbon paste electrode modified with a cobalt(II) coordina   
A Card from Secretary Atkinson.   
A cardinality constrained stochastic goal programming model   
A Career Perspective on the Discipline of Neurochemistry   
A careful estimation of photon rescatterig in atomic-cascade   
A cartoon-plus-texture image decomposition model for blind d   
A cascadic multigrid method for a kind of semilinear ellipti   
A case against acidifying freshwater macrophytes prior to C   
A case against convexity in conceptual spaces   
A case for a free-running circannual rhythm in soldier devel   
A Case for Differentiated Grades   
A case for hornblende dominated fractionation of arc magmas:   
A Case for Lorentzian Relativity   
A case involving long-term survival after esophageal cancer   
A case of a large retroperitoneal liposarcoma presenting as   
A case of a type II proatlantal artery with arteriovenous ma   
A case of acute onset succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase de   
A case of acute renal failure after exercise with renal hypo   
A case of acute suppurative thyroiditis complicated by thyro   
A Case of Amniotic Band Syndrome with Cleft Lip and Palate   
A case of apronectomy for treatment of massive abdominal lym   
A case of arthritis of the spine with neurological manifesta   
A case of asymptomatic pontine myelinolysis   
A case of coronary lesion with lotus root appearance treated   
A case of delayed complete atrioventricular block and cardia   
A case of delayed emergence from anesthesia caused by postop   
A case of dense deposit disease associated with a group A st   
A Case of Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans of the Trunk   
A case of diabetic ketoacidosis complicated by fatal acute a   
A case of drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms   
A case of drug-induced hematotoxicity: from in vivo to in vi   
A case of essential mixed cryoglobulinemia and associated ac   
A case of extraocular muscle swelling due to IgG4-related sc   
A case of familial Mediterranean fever and polyarteritis nod   
A Case of Fatal Necrotizing Pancreatitis: Complication of Hy   
A Case of Folic Acid Allergy in Pregnancy   
A case of foregut gastric duplication cyst with pseudostrati   
A case of hypothyroidism mimicking acute coronary syndrome   
A case of infantile systemic lupus erythematosus with severe   
A case of intoxication caused by aciclovir overinfusion and   
A case of intracranial hypotension caused by docetaxel treat   
A Case of Ischemic Hepatitis   
A case of late adult-onset dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atro   
A Case of Liddle Syndrome: Correspondence   
A Case of Life-Threatening Sepsis After Breast Augmentation   
A case of liver cirrhosis due to hepatits C virus infection   
A case of liver hemangioma with markedly reduced tumor size   
A case of metaplastic breast cancer that showed a good respo   
A case of mosaic trisomy 14 due to an isochromosome, i(14q)   
A Case of Multiorgan Failure Following Interruption of Antir   
A case of multiple protruding and flat colorectal tumors ana   
A case of multiple synchronous lung adenocarcinomas with dif   
A Case of Oro-antral Communication Closed by Autotransplanta   
A case of pancreatic abscess associated with colonic fistula   
A case of pancreatoblastoma prenatally diagnosed as intraper   
A case of papillary tumor of the pineal region with a long c   
A case of partial 2p trisomy with neuroblastoma   
A case of pediatric thoracic SCIWORA following minor trauma   
A case of percutaneous transluminal renal angioplasty for pa   
A case of perforated appendicitis during temsirolimus treatm   
A case of perforative peritonitis caused by a piece of bambo   
A case of peripancreatic tuberculous lymphadenitis diagnosed   
A case of persistent hypotony following 23-gauge vitrectomy   
A case of poisoning by solanum nigrum   
A case of postmalaria neurological syndrome in Japan   
A case of primary adenocarcinoma of the cervical esophagus a   
A case of primary alveolar soft part sarcoma of the uterine   
A case of primary pulmonary choriocarcinoma successfully tre   
A case of primary rhabdomyosarcoma of the breast   
A case of pseudomyxoma peritonei: visualization of septa usi   
A case of pseudoxantoma elasticum   
A case of rectal carcinoma concomitant with pagetoid lesion   
A case of recurrent and migratory complex regional pain synd   
A case of retropharyngeal Lipoma   
A case of retropharyngeal Lipoma   
A case of rhabdomyolysis related to sorafenib treatment for   
A case of sclerosing mesenteritis with spontaneous resolutio   
A case of segmental zoster paresis with enhanced anterior an   
A case of selective immunoglobulin M deficiency and autoimmu   
A case of Sertoli-Leydig cell tumour of the ovary with a mul   
A case of severe osteomalacia secondary to phosphate diabete   
A case of significantly increased mitral regurgitation early   
A case of small hepatocellular carcinoma treated with laparo   
A case of small-cell lung cancer with recurrence of solitary   
A Case of Sporadic Infantile Histiocytoid Cardiomyopathy Cau   
A case of successful resection after FOLFIRINOX in a patient   
A case of sudden death after gingival injection of a therape   
A case of suicide attempt with long-acting methylphenidate (   
A case of Takayasu arteritis complicated with glomerulonephr   
A case of takotsubo cardiomyopathy with ventricular fibrilla   
A case of the pulmonary thrombosis caused by unilateral pulm   
A case of thoracoscopically resected benign esophageal schwa   
A case of trigger finger following partial laceration of fle   
A case of unexpected regeneration of small intestinal mucosa   
A Case of Unilateral Auditory Neuropathy   
A case of unilateral circumscribed posterior keratoconus eva   
A case of untreatable sciatica   
A case of unusually located left ventricular myxoma: myxoma   
A case of usual (basaloid)-type vulvar intraepithelial neopl   
A Case Presenting with Splenic Infarct Diagnosed as Primary   
A case report demonstrating the efficacy of a comprehensive   
A case report of a 33-year chronic phase survivor of chronic   
A case report of a psoriatic arthritis patient on hemodialys   
A Case Report of Sandhoff Disease   
A case report of spondylectomy with circumference reconstruc   
A case series of 46 appendectomies during pregnancy   
A case series of Bardet-Biedl Syndrome in a large Turkish fa   
A Case Series Study of Perinatal Deaths at One Referral Cent   
A case study for a cost-benefit-based, stepwise optimization   
A case study for a new metrics for economic complexity: The   
A Case Study for Validating a Prosumer Framework in Drug Tra   
A Case Study in Defect Measurement and Root Cause Analysis i   
A Case Study in Participatory Service Design for Rural Healt   
A case study in quantitative evaluation of real-time softwar   
A Case Study in the Relationship of Mind to Body: Transformi   
A case study of an enhanced eutrophication model with stoich   
A Case Study of Childhood Disintegrative Disorder Using Syst   
A case study of condition assessment of water and sanitation   
A case study of gesture expressivity breaks   
A case study of GOES-15 imager bias characterization with a   
A Case Study of Group Decision Method for Environmental Fore   
A Case Study of ICA with Multi-scale PCA of Simulated Traffi   
A case study of impact of patenting in the current developin   
A Case Study of Landfill Workers Exposure and Dose to Partic   
A Case Study of Pharmaceutical Pricing in China: Setting the   
A case study of strategies for fostering international, inte   
A Case Study of Summarizing and Normalizing the Properties o   
A case study of the adoption of a reference standard for ISO   
A Case Study of the Implementation of Agile Methods in a Bio   
A case study on an open hillside landslide impacting on a fl   
A Case Study on Phase-Locked Loop Automatic Layout Generatio   
A Case Study on Silty Sand Liquefaction   
A case study on the historical peninsula of Istanbul based o   
A case study on the role of water vapor from Southwest China   
A case study predicting environmental impacts of urban trans   
A Case Study: Beliefs and Metaphors of a Japanese Teacher of   
A Case Study: School Bus Routing   
A Case Study: Structure-Based Inhibitor Design for tRNA-Guan   
A Case with Leukoencephalopathy with Brainstem and Spinal Co   
A Case-Based Approach to Colorectal Cancer Detection   
A case-based reasoner adaptive to different cognitive tasks   
A case-control study of myelodysplastic syndromes in Belgrad   
A Catalog of Examples   
A catalog of small, optically-selected molecular clouds: Opt   
A Catalogue of Sturm-Liouville Differential Equations   
A Categorial Semantic Representation of Quantum Event Struct   
A categorical approach to absolute closure   
A Categorical Foundation for Bayesian Probability   
A category-theoretic account of program modules   
A Cat-Like Robot Real-Time Learning to Run   
A Cauchy-Dirac Delta Function   
A cavitation model for computations of unsteady cavitating f   
A CDSS Supporting Clinical Guidelines Integrated and Interop   
A Celestial Origin for Oil?   
A cell model to study different degrees of Hsp60 deficiency   
A Cell-Centered Finite Difference Method on Quadrilaterals   
A Cell-Centered Finite Difference Method on Quadrilaterals   
A Cell-Centered Nonlinear Finite Volume Scheme Preserving Fu   
A cell-free analysis of the endocytic pathway   
A cell-free Salmonella typhimurium extract induces inhibitio   
A cellular automaton for blocking queen games   
A cellular-programming approach to pattern classification   
A cellulose-based carboxyl cotton chelator having citric aci   
A central limit theorem for integer partitions   
A Central Limit Theorem for Time-Dependent Dynamical Systems   
A central limit theorem on the free lie group   
A centrality measure based on spectral optimization of modul   
A Centre-Stable Manifold for the Focussing Cubic NLS in $${\   
A Cerebellar Framework for Predictive Coding and Homeostatic   
A Certain Theory Based Trust and Reputation Model in VANETs   
A CFAR detector for MIMO array radar based on adaptive pulse   
A Challenge for Evidence-Based Policy   
A challenge for Frankfurt-style compatibilists   
A Challenging Solar Eruptive Event of 18 November 2003 and t   
A Chance for Attributable Agency   
A change-detection application on the evolution of Kahak pla   
A changing of the guard   
A Changing Regulatory and Political Environment: What Impact   
A Channel Adaptive ACK Mechanism in High Rate Wireless Perso   
A channel assignment algorithm via conflict shifting for dis   
A Channel Assignment Scheme for Handoff in Wireless Mobile N   
A Channel Management Framework to Construct User Preferred F   
A Channel Management Framework to Construct User Preferred F   
A channel selection rule for YASS   
A channel-hopping scheme for continuous rendezvous and data   
A chaotic map-control-based and the plain image-related cryp   
A characterisation of blocks of finite type   
A characterization for a complete random normed module to be   
A characterization of *-minimal algebras with involution   
A characterization of heam uptake and intracellular distribu   
A characterization of limiting distributions of estimators i   
A characterization of nonemptiness and boundedness of the so   
A characterization of non-tube type Hermitian symmetric spac   
A Characterization of Normal Forms for Control Systems   
A Characterization of Partially Ordered Sets with Linear Dis   
A characterization of polyharmonic functions   
A characterization of positively decomposable non-linear map   
A Characterization of Right Coideals of Quotient Type and it   
A Characterization of Schauder Frames Which Are Near-Schaude   
A Characterization of Some Subsets of Essential Spectra of a   
A characterization of the Toeplitz and Hankel circulants   
A Characterization of Vacuum   
A characterization of varieties whose universal cover is the   
A characterization theorem and an algorithm for a convex hul   
A Characterization Theorem for Aumann Integrals   
A Chat System Based on Emotion Estimation from Text and Embo   
A Chebyshev polynomial-based Galerkin method for the discret   
A chelating-bond breaking and re-linking technique for rapid   
A chemical reduction approach to the synthesis of copper nan   
A chemiluminescence assay for L-histidine based on controlle   
A Chengjiang-type fossil assemblage from the Hongjingshao Fo   
A Child with Eosinophilia, Loeffler Endocarditis, and Acute   
A Child with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension   
A child with sickle cell trait and macroscopic hematuria: qu   
A child with spinal intramedullary abscess   
A chimeric peptide that binds to titanium and mediates MC3T3   
A Chinese girl molecularly diagnosed with Alagille syndrome   
A chip scale nanofluidic pump using electrically controllabl   
A ChIP-seq-Defined Genome-Wide Map of MEF2C Binding Reveals   
A chronic thigh mass in a 69-year-old man   
A CIB1-LIKE transcription factor GmCIL10 from soybean positi   
A cipher based on data-dependent permutations   
A Circuit-Architecture Co-optimization Framework for Explori   
A citation-analysis of economic research institutes   
A cladistic analysis of Nassauvia Comm. ex Juss. (Asteraceae   
A class library for implementing, testing, and debugging con   
A Class of Adaptive Cyclostationary Beamforming Algorithms   
A class of authentication codes with secrecy   
A class of constraint preconditioners for nonsymmetric saddl   
A class of counterexamples to a conjecture on diameter criti   
A Class of Diagonal Quasi-Newton Methods for Large-Scale Con   
A class of generalized models for shadowed fading channels   
A class of irreducible modules for the extended affine Lie a   
A class of LQC-inspired models for homogeneous, anisotropic   
A class of network design problems with multiple demand: Mod   
A Class of Non-Linear ODEs with Movable Algebraic Singularit   
A Class of Nonlocal Impulsive Problems for Integrodifferenti   
A class of nonparametric tests for testing homogeneity of va   
A class of nonsmooth fractional multiobjective optimization   
A Class of Random Walks in Reversible Dynamic Environments:   
A class of rank-based test for left-truncated and right-cens   
A class of saturated row-column designs   
A class of simple proper Bol loops   
A class of Sparre Andersen risk process   
A class of split-step balanced methods for stiff stochastic   
A class of stable and conservative finite difference schemes   
A class of type-2 fuzzy neural networks for nonlinear dynami   
A Classical Analog of Random Quantum States   
A classification and regression technique to handle heteroge   
A Classification Method of Imbalanced Data Base on PSO Algor   
A Classification of Components of Workplace Disability Manag   
A Classification of Model-Driven Approaches to Develop Seman   
A classification of multi-axis features based on manufacturi   
A classification rule reduction algorithm based on significa   
A classification system for large reservoirs of the contiguo   
A Classification-Based Approach for Implicit Feature Identif   
A classification-based method to estimate event-related pote   
A Classifier Based Approach to Emotion Lexicon Construction   
A classifier based on rough set and relevance vector machine   
A Classroom-Based Distributed Workflow Initiative for the Ea   
A class-selective and reliable electrochemical monosaccharid   
A Clear and Present Danger: Endogenous Ligands of Toll-like   
A Clear and Present Danger: Endogenous Ligands of Toll-like   
A climate model intercomparison at the dynamics level   
A climatological study: wet season cyclone tracks in the Eas   
A Clinical Analysis of 52 Adult Patients With Hemophagocytic   
A Clinical and Economic Comparison of ft Roxithromycin 150mg   
A clinical and histological evaluation for healing of dehisc   
A clinical and molecular study of a patient with Simpson-Gol   
A clinical classification for patients with inguinal hernia   
A clinical decision algorithm for hospital inpatients with i   
A Clinical Decision Support System with an Integrated EMR fo   
A clinical grading system based on ultra-wide field retinal   
A Clinical Intervention in Chronic Pain and Insomnia with a   
A Clinical Meeting of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine   
A Clinical Perspective on Gastric Neuroendocrine Neoplasia   
A clinical study investigating the pharmacokinetic interacti   
A clinical study of a group psychotherapy program for adoles   
A clinical study of achlorhydria   
A clinical trial for therapeutic drug monitoring using micro   
A clinical, genetic and epidemiologic study of congenital cl   
A clinical, radiological and outcome study of status epilept   
A clinically applicable laser-based image-guided system for   
A cloned 23S rRNA gene fragment of Bacillus subtilis and its   
A close look at postoperative fluid management and electroly   
A closed-circuit anesthesia ventilator facilitates significa   
A closed-form solution for the continuous-time consumption m   
A Closed-Form Solution for the Effect of Free Edges on Melt   
A closed-form solution of the multi-period portfolio choice   
A Closed-loop Supply Chain Network Equilibrium Model with Mu   
A Closer look at reference price: A commentary   
A closer look at string resonances in dijet events at the LH   
A closer look at the impact of globalization on science educ   
A cloud chamber analysis of cosmic rays at 3500 metres Part   
A Cloud Model Method for Reliability Evaluation of Distribut   
A CLT for a band matrix model   
A cluster of protein kinases and phosphatases modulated in f   
A cluster of specified microRNAs in peripheral blood as biom   
A Cluster-Based and On-Demand Routing Algorithm for Large-Sc   
A Clustering Algorithm Based on Matrix over High Dimensional   
A Clustering Algorithm FCM-ACO for Supplier Base Management   
A Clustering Algorithm Using the Ordered Weight Sum of Self-   
A clustering approach for sampling data streams in sensor ne   
A Clustering Method for Large Spatial Databases   
A Clustering of Interestingness Measures   
A Clustering-Based Framework for Incrementally Repairing Ent   
A CMOS DCO design using delay programmable differential latc   
A CMOS front-end for RFID transponders using multiple coil a   
A CMOS optical receiver with subtraction-based level shifter   
A coalition formation game based relay selection scheme for   
A Coarctation of the Distal Thoracic Aorta with a Supradiaph   
A coarse-scale compositional model   
A coaxial 2D-periodic perforated directional coupler   
A cochlear schwannoma presenting with sudden hearing loss   
A Code Generator with Application-Oriented Size Optimization   
A code tagging approach to software product line development   
A cognitive approach to the post-Soviet Central Asian pastur   
A cognitive architecture for assistive technology in healthc   
A cognitive engineering framework for the specification of i   
A cognitive engineering framework for the specification of i   
A Cognitive Trust Model for Access Control Framework in MANE   
A Coherentist View on the Relation Between Social Acceptance   
A cohesive finite element for quasi-continua   
A cohort analysis of household vehicle expenditure in the U.   
A Cohort Perspective on Changes in Family, Fertility Behavio   
A Cohort Study for Derivation and Validation of Early Detect   
A Collaborative Approach to Botnet Protection   
A collaborative approach to cancer risk assessment services   
A collaborative manufacturing execution platform for space p   
A Collaborative Work System of Urban Management Based on Mul   
A collapse doline in Wood Buffalo National Park Alberta, Can   
A Collection of Pedagogical Agents for Intelligent Education   
A collision avoidance scheme for the synchronized broadcast   
A color phase shift profilometry for the fabric defect detec   
A Color Quantization Based on Vector Error Diffusion and Par   
A colored Petri net-based model for web service composition   
A Colorimetric and Ratiometric Fluorescent Chemosensor for F   
A colorimetric indicator-displacement assay array for select   
A Coloring Problem for Sturmian and Episturmian Words   
A colourful bond between art and chemistry   
A Combination Framework for Exploiting the Symbiotic Aspects   
A combination of aprepitant, palonosetron, and dexamethasone   
A Combination of Bulk and Single Particle Analyses for Asian   
A Combination of Extraction Reagent and DNA Microarray That   
A combination of hydroxypropyl cellulose and trehalose as su   
A Combination of Negative Selection Algorithm and Artificial   
A Combination of Simulated Annealing and Ant Colony System f   
A combination procedure with thrombolytic therapy and balloo   
A combination treatment with DNA methyltransferase inhibitor   
A Combinatorial Analysis of Interacting Diffusions   
A Combinatorial Approach to the Analysis of Differential Gen   
A combinatorial bound for linear programming and related pro   
A combinatorial problem related to sparse systems of equatio   
A combinatorial theorem on labeling squares with points and   
A Combinatorial Tool for Computing the Effective Homotopy of   
A combinatorial way of counting unicellular maps and constel   
A Combined Analytical and Numerical Approach for the Evaluat   
A combined approach of differential scanning calorimetry and   
A combined direction stochastic approximation algorithm   
A combined dual-port endoscope-assisted pre- and retrosigmoi   
A combined modality of carboplatin and photodynamic therapy   
A combined prediction strategy increases identification of p   
A combined static and dynamic feature extraction technique t   
A Comment on Change of Nusselt Number Sign in a Channel Flow   
A comment on privacy   
A comment on privacy   
A comment on the locations of firms in Cournot spatial discr   
A comment on the role of propagule pressure in the establish   
A Commentary on Religious Conflicts and a Call for a Focus o   
A commentary on shortcomings and deficiencies in hip fractur   
A Commentary on the Logistic Distribution   
A commentary on the relationship between head injury and fac   
A Commentary on the Role of Sexually Explicit Media (SEM) in   
A Common Framework for the Convergence of the GSK, MDM and S   
A common functional exon polymorphism in the microsomal trig   
A Common Pitch and The Management of Corporate Relations: In   
A Common Reference-Based Indirect Comparison Meta-Analysis o   
A common response to common danger? Comparison of animal and   
A Common Trunk of Origin of the Right Testicular and Middle   
A Common View of the Opportunities, Challenges, and Research   
A communication technology for internet-based collaboration   
A Communicative Behaviour Analysis of Art-Technology Collabo   
A Communitarian Approach to Public Health   
A Community Cloud for a Real-Time Financial Application - Re   
A Community Spring For Neuroscience Data Sharing   
A Community Standard: Equivalency of Healthcare in Australia   
A Community Study on the Relationship of Posttraumatic Cogni   
A Community-based Collaborative Approach to Improve Breast C   
A community-based oral health self-care intervention for His   
A compact and robust diode laser system for atom interferome   
A compact locally one-dimensional method for fractional diff   
A compact microchip atomic clock based on all-optical interr   
A compact modelling of double-walled gate wrap around carbon   
A compact quantum-cascade laser based spectrometer for monit   
A compact solution for ion beam therapy with laser accelerat   
A Compact Treatment of Singular Impurities Using the Artific   
A Compact XML Storage Scheme Supporting Efficient Path Query   
A Compactness Theorem for Complete Ricci Shrinkers   
A Comparative Analysis of a Community and General Sample of   
A Comparative Analysis of Attempted and Completed School-Bas   
A comparative analysis of chromosomal aberrations in culture   
A comparative analysis of contact algorithms in contact shap   
A Comparative Analysis of Credit Risk Management Models for   
A Comparative Analysis of Genetic Algorithms and QAP Formula   
A Comparative Analysis of Homosexual Behaviors, Sex Role Pre   
A comparative analysis of interface erosion tests   
A comparative analysis of joint clearance effects on articul   
A comparative analysis of Mindlin and Kirchhoff bending solu   
A Comparative Analysis of Scalable and Context-Aware Trust M   
A comparative analysis of serologic parameters and oxidative   
A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Tool Design to Fatig   
A comparative analysis on the synonymous codon usage pattern   
A Comparative Approach Shows Differences in Patterns of Numt   
A Comparative Assessment Between Three Machine Learning Mode   
A comparative assessment of temperature data from different   
A Comparative Biocompatibility Analysis of Ternary Nitinol A   
A comparative biomarker study of 514 matched cases of male a   
A Comparative Case Study of Small Hydro Development in the I   
A comparative cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment of three   
A comparative dosimetric study of neoadjuvant 3D conformal r   
A comparative evaluation of electrical velocimetry and inert   
A Comparative Evaluation of Photovoltaic Electricity Product   
A comparative evaluation of the photocatalytic and optical p   
A comparative evaluation of the photocatalytic and optical p   
A Comparative Evaluation of the Response to Peroxynitrite by   
A Comparative Evaluation of Wear of Enamel Caused by Ceramic   
A comparative experimental study of direct torque control ba   
A Comparative Experimental Study of Spectral Hashing   
A Comparative Framework to Evaluate Recommender Systems in T   
A Comparative Investigation on the Capability of Modified Ze   
A comparative light and electron microscopic analysis of mic   
A comparative measure of biodiversity based on species compo   
A comparative numerical study between dissipative particle d   
A Comparative Performance Analysis of JPEG 2000 vs. WSQ for   
A comparative performance analysis on Hierarchical Mobile IP   
A Comparative Perspective on Teacher Collaboration: The Case   
A comparative proteomic analysis of parthenogenetic lines an   
A comparative psychophysical approach to visual perception i   
A Comparative Review of Grandparent Care of Children in the   
A comparative study between 0.5% centbucridine HCl and 2% li   
A Comparative Study Between Inventory Followed by Shortages   
A comparative study between possibilistic and probabilistic   
A comparative study between sorafenib and hepatic arterial i   
A comparative study between two smoothing strategies for the   
A comparative study for the estimation of geodetic point vel   
A comparative study of 3 different cartilage repair techniqu   
A Comparative Study of Antioxidant System and Intensity of L   
A comparative study of artificial neural network (MLP, RBF)   
A Comparative Study of Artificial Neural Networks, Support V   
A comparative study of BA, APSO, GSA, hybrid PSOGSA and SPSO   
A comparative study of carbon dioxide capture capabilities b   
A comparative study of cells in inflammation, EAE and MS usi   
A Comparative Study of Clinical Utility of Spot Urine Sample   
A comparative study of collaboration-based reputation models   
A Comparative Study of Coronal Mass Ejections with and Witho   
A Comparative Study of Decoupler Design Techniques for TITO   
A comparative study of different bio-processing methods for   
A comparative study of different concentrations of topical b   
A comparative study of different PCR-based DNA fingerprintin   
A comparative study of energy consumption and physical prope   
A comparative study of factors related to carrying out physi   
A comparative study of fish assemblages near aquaculture, ar   
A Comparative Study of Gastric Banding and Sleeve Gastrectom   
A comparative study of high temperature properties of cobalt   
A Comparative Study of International and Domestic New Ventur   
A Comparative Study of Iterative Solvers for Image De-noisin   
A comparative study of living conditions in cancer patients   
A Comparative Study of Localization Methods in Indoor Enviro   
A Comparative Study of Multi-objective Evolutionary Trace Tr   
A comparative study of multi-objective optimal power flow ba   
A comparative study of nonlinear Markov chain models for con   
A comparative study of overdischarge behaviors of cathode ma   
A comparative study of patent counts by the inventor country   
A comparative study of PDGFR inhibition with imatinib on rad   
A comparative study of piezoelectric unimorph and multilayer   
A Comparative Study of Pricing Control Algorithms in Deregul   
A comparative study of production performance and animal hea   
A comparative study of pulse rate variability and heart rate   
A Comparative Study of Recognition of Speech Using Improved   
A comparative study of research capabilities of East Asian c   
A Comparative Study of Risk Assessment Methods, MEHARI & CRA   
A Comparative Study of Sampling Methods and Algorithms for I   
A comparative study of semi-squaraine and squaraine dyes usi   
A Comparative Study of Statistical Feature Reduction Methods   
A comparative study of statistical index and certainty facto   
A Comparative Study of Structure and Function of the Longitu   
A comparative study of tellurite toxicity in normal and canc   
A Comparative Study of Temporalis Fascia Graft and Vein Graf   
A comparative study of the audiological outcomes with Retro-   
A Comparative Study of the Bactericidal Activity and Daily D   
A comparative study of the composition of triacylglycerol mo   
A comparative study of the correlations existing in the rati   
A Comparative Study of the Decomposition of Ethanol on Pt Me   
A comparative study of the effect of gold seed particle prep   
A comparative study of the expression of Wnt-1, WISP-1, surv   
A comparative study of the ignition and burning characterist   
A comparative study of the long-term effects of piroxicam an   
A Comparative Study of the Numerical Simulation of the 1998   
A comparative study of the r-adaptive material force approac   
A comparative study of the specific surface area and pore st   
A comparative study of the subjective well-being of parents   
A Comparative Study of Three Classes of Boundary Treatment S   
A comparative study of three signaling forms of the orange c   
A comparative study of uncertainty propagation methods for b   
A Comparative Study of Unsupervised Machine Learning and Dat   
A comparative study of various grains from the different cit   
A comparative study on effective dynamic modeling methods fo   
A comparative study on foreign investment legal system in Ch   
A Comparative Study on Hough Transform Segmentation Approach   
A Comparative Study on Monotonic Shear Behaviors of Granular   
A Comparative Study on Particle Swarm Optimization in Dynami   
A comparative study on specific and nonspecific interactions   
A comparative study on the dielectric and ac conductivity of   
A comparative study on the evolution of reversed size dimorp   
A comparative study on the outcomes of in vitro fertilizatio   
A comparative study on the style of paleotsunami deposits at   
A comparative study on the use of the extended-Cauchy disper   
A Comparative Study on Three Different Types of Music Based   
A comparative study on thyroid disease detection using K-nea   
A comparative study: the effect of the perturbation vector t   
A Comparative Summary of Genetic Distances in the Vertebrate   
A comparative survey of various uterine manipulators used in   
A Comparative Test of Clinical Judgment Versus Actuarial Pre   
A Comparative Timeline: Spielrein, Freud, and Jung   
A Comparative Toxicogenomic Investigation of Oil Sand Water   
A Comparative Validation of Primary Surgical Versus Post-neo   
A comparative wear study of sputtered ZrN coatings on Si sub   
A comparison and joint use of NIR and MIR spectroscopic meth   
A Comparison Between Cold-Welded and Diffusion-Bonded Al/Cu   
A Comparison Between Conventional LCA and Hybrid EIO-LCA: An   
A Comparison between Different Fingerprint Matching Techniqu   
A comparison between different X-ray diffraction line broade   
A Comparison Between ECAP and Conventional Extrusion for Con   
A comparison between Goldmann applanation tonometry and dyna   
A comparison between histopathology and findings on magnetic   
A comparison between IVIG and plasma exchange as preparation   
A comparison between minimum variance control and other onli   
A comparison between modified Alvarado score and RIPASA scor   
A comparison between optimization-based human motion predict   
A comparison between orthogonal and parallel plating methods   
A comparison between peripheral BMD and central BMD measurem   
A comparison between spray cooling and film flow cooling dur   
A Comparison Between Structures of Aqua and Ammine Complexes   
A Comparison Between Structures of Aqua and Ammine Complexes   
A comparison between surgical resection in combination with   
A comparison between synthetic jets and continuous jets   
A Comparison of 2D-3D Intensity-Based Registration and Featu   
A comparison of 4-GL development tools in the area of metada   
A comparison of a GCM response to historical anthropogenic l   
A comparison of accelerated solvent extraction, Soxhlet extr   
A Comparison of Airborne Alkaline Pollution Damage in Select   
A Comparison of Algorithms for Path Planning of Industrial R   
A Comparison of Alternative Productivity Growth Measures: Wi   
A Comparison of Anammox Bacterial Abundance and Community St   
A Comparison of Antibody Testing, Permeability Testing, and   
A Comparison of Automatic Summarizers of Texts in Brazilian   
A comparison of Bayesian, Hazard, and Mixed Logit model of b   
A Comparison of Buyer-Seller Watermarking Protocol (BSWP) Ba   
A comparison of cabergoline and bromocriptine on the risk of   
A Comparison of Chemistry and Inclusion Distribution and Mor   
A comparison of chlordiazepoxide, bretazenil, L838,417 and z   
A Comparison of Condition Numbers for the Full Rank Least Sq   
A comparison of costs for abdominal, laparoscopic, and robot   
A comparison of depression prevalence estimates measured by   
A Comparison of Diameter, Wall Stress, and Rupture Potential   
A Comparison of Different Intrusion Detection Approaches in   
A comparison of different mass elements for use in gravity g   
A comparison of different semi-analytical techniques to dete   
A Comparison of Direct Heating During Radiofrequency and Mic   
A Comparison of Direct Heating During Radiofrequency and Mic   
A comparison of direct thrombin inhibitors in the treatment   
A comparison of disciplinary structure in science between th   
A Comparison of Discontinuous and Continuous Galerkin Method   
A Comparison of Domestic and Non-Domestic Homicides: Further   
A comparison of dual energy X-ray absorptiometry and bioelec   
A comparison of early molecular fertilization mechanisms in   
A Comparison of Eating Disorder Symptomatology, Role Concern   
A Comparison of Emission Taxes and Permit Markets for Contro   
A comparison of endonasal with external dacryocystorhinostom   
A comparison of existing schemes for the engineering descrip   
A comparison of existing schemes for the engineering descrip   
A comparison of family policy designs of Australia and Norwa   
A comparison of fasciotomy wound closure methods following e   
A Comparison of Fatigue Properties of Austempered Versus Que   
A comparison of four approaches from stochastic programming   
A comparison of Gd-BOPTA and Gd-DOTA for contrast-enhanced M   
A Comparison of Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithms i   
A Comparison of Genetic Programming Variants for Data Classi   
A comparison of GPS- and NWP-derived PW data over the Korean   
A Comparison of Grouping Behaviors on Rule-Based and Learnin   
A Comparison of HDG Methods for Stokes Flow   
A Comparison of Headspace Entrainment on Tenax with Solid Ph   
A Comparison of High-Rise Housing in India with Industrializ   
A comparison of internal migration by ethnic group in Great   
A comparison of intravenous-based and epidural-based techniq   
A comparison of laboratory and pilot-scale fermentations in   
A Comparison of Language Identification Approaches on Short,   
A Comparison of Large Scale Extraction Methods in the Study   
A Comparison of Laser Oscillators and Quasiclassical Solid S   
A comparison of learning strategies for biologically constra   
A comparison of linear and neural network ARX models applied   
A comparison of local search algorithms with population-base   
A comparison of machine learning methods for cutting paramet   
A Comparison of Macrosorb-Cibacron Blue Under Fixed-Bed, Bat   
A comparison of Mansonella ozzardi microfilaria densities in   
A comparison of mathematical models of left ventricular cont   
A comparison of measured and estimated glomerular filtration   
A comparison of measures for detecting natural shapes in clu   
A comparison of MNT curves and supersingular curves   
A Comparison of Modified Fuzzy Weights of Evidence, Fuzzy We   
A Comparison of Mood and Quality of Life Among People with P   
A Comparison of Mothers with Co-occurring Disorders and Hist   
A Comparison of Myoelectric Pattern Recognition Methods to C   
A Comparison of Nonfatal Unintentional Injuries in the Unite   
A comparison of open and arthroscopic surgery for treatment   
A Comparison of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms Based   
A Comparison of Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algo   
A comparison of pathomolecular markers of fibrosis and morph   
A comparison of perioperative outcomes in elderly patients w   
A Comparison of Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Properti   
A comparison of physical activity correlates across breast,   
A comparison of present-day and pre-industrial cladoceran as   
A comparison of progressive hydrothermal carbonate alteratio   
A Comparison of Protease Active Sites and their Ability to P   
A comparison of protein extraction methods optimizing high p   
A Comparison of Pt(II) and Pt(IV) Chloride Precursors for St   
A comparison of Puerto Rican, Brazilian, Egyptian and Tanzan   
A comparison of Puerto Rican, Brazilian, Egyptian and Tanzan   
A Comparison of Radiolarian and Foraminiferal Paleoecology i   
A comparison of realtime obstacle avoidance methods for mobi   
A comparison of recent and fossil large, high-spired gastrop   
A comparison of redox processes for polypyrrole/dodecylsulfa   
A Comparison of Religious Orientation and Health Between Whi   
A Comparison of Religious Orientation and Health Between Whi   
A comparison of respiratory compensation thresholds of anaer   
A comparison of robust estimators based on two types of trim   
A comparison of root characteristics in relation to nutrient   
A comparison of satellite-retrieved and simulated cloud cove   
A comparison of Scopus and Web of Science for a typical univ   
A comparison of segmentation methods and extended lexicon mo   
A comparison of several nearest neighbor classifier metrics   
A comparison of short-term outcome after laparoscopic, trans   
A comparison of signal detection techniques in the multifoca   
A Comparison of Single-Session Positive Reappraisal, Cogniti   
A Comparison of Single-Session Positive Reappraisal, Cogniti   
A comparison of singlet and triplet states for one- and two-   
A comparison of slip, disjoining pressure, and interface for   
A comparison of some staining techniques for the demonstrati   
A comparison of statistical models for analyzing episodes-of   
A Comparison of Strategies for Seismic Interferometry   
A comparison of stress tolerance in YPD and industrial ligno   
A comparison of supervised, unsupervised and synthetic land   
A comparison of tacrolimus and cyclosporine combined with me   
A Comparison of Texture Development in an Experimental and I   
A comparison of the direct immunobead test and other tests f   
A comparison of the discriminative and evaluative properties   
A comparison of the effects of citalopram and moclobemide on   
A comparison of the effects of ketamine and phencyclidine wi   
A comparison of the effects of medical Qigong and standard e   
A comparison of the effects of three types of endurance trai   
A comparison of the efficacy and safety of endoscopic full-t   
A comparison of the efficacy and side effects of various reg   
A comparison of the efficacy of an appearance-focused skin c   
A comparison of the energetic interactions in the adsorption   
A comparison of the FACT-G and the Supportive Care Needs Sur   
A comparison of the growth and cooling effectiveness of five   
A comparison of the performance of pig hearts perfused with   
A Comparison of the Performance of the Semiempirical PM6 Met   
A Comparison of the Prevalence of Lead-Contaminated Imported   
A Comparison of the Rasch Model and Constrained Item Respons   
A Comparison of the Roles of Bacteria and Fungi   
A Comparison of the Susceptibility to Niridazole of Schistos   
A comparison of the technical and oncologic validity between   
A Comparison of the Teratogenicity of Methylmercury and Sele   
A comparison of the Trojan Y Chromosome and daughterless car   
A Comparison of the Utility and Agronomic Traits of Indigeno   
A comparison of the vegetation communities from the islands   
A comparison of the vegetation communities from the islands   
A comparison of the zooplankton of Lake Kainji and of the Ri   
A comparison of three bioelectrical impedance analyses for p   
A comparison of tools for teaching formal software verificat   
A comparison of twice-daily exenatide and biphasic insulin a   
A Comparison of Two Different Measures of Precision into Geo   
A comparison of two DNA probes, one specific for Plasmodium   
A Comparison of Two Experimental Design Approaches in Applyi   
A comparison of two Hilbert spectral analyses of heart rate   
A comparison of two microbial detection methods used in asep   
A Comparison of Two Structurally Distinct Types of Calcium C   
A Comparison of Video Feedback and In Vivo Self-Monitoring o   
A comparison of visual and quantitative assessment of left v   
A Comparison of Washing Methods for Hair Mineral Analysis: I   
A comparison of wild and cultivated strawberries for nitroge   
A Comparison Study of Psychiatric and Behavior Disorders and   
A comparison study of self-expandable stents vs balloon angi   
A comparison study on non-isothermal decomposition kinetics   
A competitive integration model of exogenous and endogenous   
A competitive location model to obtain a specific market sha   
A Competitive Neural Network for Multiple Object Tracking in   
A Compilation Framework for Macroprogramming Networked Senso   
A Compilation of Protocols to Visualize Enzymes Following El   
A Complement Factor B Mutation in a Large Kindred with Atypi   
A complementary method to CD4 counting: measurement of CD4+/   
A complete analysis of Black-White Hackendot   
A complete and homogeneous magnitude earthquake catalogue of   
A complete evaluation of thermal and oxidative stability of   
A complete experimental approach for synthesis gas separatio   
A complete impedance analysis of electrochemical cells used   
A complete NMR spectral assignment of the lipid-free mouse a   
A complete one-way function based on a finite rank free $ \m   
A complete testing environment for the automated parallel pe   
A complete VLBI delay model for deforming radio telescopes:   
A complex mixing matrix estimation algorithm in under-determ   
A Complex Shaped Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Part Mad   
A complex structure on the set of quasiconformally extendibl   
A Complexity Theory of Constructible Functions and Sheaves   
A compliant parallel mechanism with flexure-based joint chai   
A complicated case of bilateral cystic nephroma in a 16-mont   
A complicated case of plagiocephaly followed by delayed cran   
A Component Identification Technique from Object-Oriented Mo   
A Component Identification Technique from Object-Oriented Mo   
A Component Model for Manufacturing System in Cloud Computin   
A component-based architecture for automation of protocol-di   
A composite material of uniformly dispersed sulfur on reduce   
A composite model in the context of a production-inventory s   
A composite neutron model   
A composite small lymphocytic lymphoma and Hodgkin transform   
A Composition Oriented and Graph-Based Service Search Method   
A Compositional Exemplar-Based Model for Hair Segmentation   
A Composting Study of Membrane-Like Polyvinyl Alcohol Based   
A compound heterozygous missense mutation and a large deleti   
A comprehensive analysis of 12 thrombophilic mutations and r   
A comprehensive analysis of gene expression profiles in dist   
A comprehensive analysis of metabolic changes in the salvage   
A comprehensive analysis of protein phosphatases in rice and   
A Comprehensive Approach for Security Assessment in Transpor   
A comprehensive approach for the assessment of shared aquife   
A comprehensive approach from the raw and normalized anomali   
A comprehensive assessment on performance behavior of a CI e   
A comprehensive comparative study of temporal properties bet   
A comprehensive consideration of bias voltage and temperatur   
A comprehensive extension of the FGM copula   
A comprehensive framework for analysis and design of supply   
A comprehensive method to scan for point mutations of the gl   
A Comprehensive Model for Mental Health Tobacco Recovery in   
A Comprehensive Review of Treprostinil Pharmacokinetics via   
A comprehensive review on power distribution network reconfi